Acclaim for Every Brilliant Thing, Burnt Thicket Theatre / Live Five, Saskatoon, SK and Fire Exit Theatre, Calgary, AB

“I was blown away by the production and the performance”‬ –Louis B. Hobson, Calgary Herald Theatre Reviewer

Jenna-Lee Hyde gives a tour de force performance in a show unlike any you’ve ever seen.“ - Krista Marushy, Playwright/Actor

All the very good things I’d heard about Every Brilliant Thing paled in comparison to what was actually going on in the theatre today… Jenna-Lee Hyde gave us the most generous, authentic experience of this story and through it, her true, evident care for and of us was truly heroic. She seemed to take each and every one of us by the hand, never with a sideward glance to anyone else, never hinting at a lack of confidence in us or in where she was taking us, and made each of us in that audience feel like one of the Brilliant things on the list.” – Brad G. Graham

Review of Our Town, Theatre Rusticle/Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

"The standout to both my guest and myself had to be Jenna-Lee Hyde as Mrs. Gibbs. She opens the show, taking the first of the Stage Manager’s lines...she has this incredible warmth and comfort onstage."

- Stephen Lubin, Mooney on Theatre


Review of The Secret Mask, Globe Theatre

"...taking on a lion's share of the roles in the play...Hyde was delightfully wonderful and it was remarkable to watch her morph into her many characters."

- Jeff DeDekker, Leader Post


Review of The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society's Production of A Christmas Carol, Persephone Theatre

"Jenna-Lee Hyde is completely unrecognizable and hilariously pathetic in the guise of Mercedes. Oh, Mercedes. She can barely walk after a tragic grocery store shopping cart pileup, but gamely shows up to act (really, really badly) in the play"

- Cam Fuller, Saskatoon Star Phoenix


Review of The Drowning Girls, Globe Theatre

“Haunting yet joyful, The Drowning Girls worked its way through a wide spectrum of emotion to tell a compelling tale of love, betrayal and murder... as the women shared their stories, the audience was taken on an emotional roller coaster. While each of the actors shone individually, the strength of the play came from their collaboration.”

- Jeff Dedekker, Regina Leader Post


Review of Cymbeline, Saskatoon Shakespeare Lab

"The wonderfully adaptable Jenna-Lee Hyde takes on two male roles and makes them human: a faithful and forceful servant and a long-lost son."

- Cam Fuller, Saskatoon Star Phoenix


Review of Reasons to be Pretty, Fire in the Hole Productions/Live Five

"Hyde is formidable throughout, incidentally, funny and a bit scary here, authentic and moving later...Spend a minute on YouTube watching student productions of the same play and you’ll see what skill it takes to keep you engaged."

- Cam Fuller, Saskatoon Star Phoenix


Review of Taming of the Shrew, Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan

"The decision to choose and pair Joshua Beaudry as Petruchio and Jenna-Lee Hyde as Katherine was inspired. Both made the heavy expectations that come with the roles look as light as feathers...Hyde’s intelligence and comic sense are equally impressive. Together, they are a pleasure to watch; the scene where they first square off, trading rapid-fire barbs, is so sharp and so fast it’s like it had its own verbal fight choreographer."

- Cam Fuller, Saskatoon Star Phoenix


Review of Stop Kiss, Embrace Theatre/Live Five

"Hyde is captivating as Callie. The performance is sweet, funny and heartbreaking all at once. From the opening scene, dancing and singing alone in her apartment, she is charming. It takes skill to dance like no one's watching...As she begins to fall in love with Sara, one can't help but fall in love with Hyde."

- Stephanie McKay, Star Phoenix

"And then there is Jenna-Lee Hyde, fearless and peerless. She demonstrates why she is the best young actress in the city with this dynamite performance....Hyde embraces that messiness. She digs deep into the character, staying present with every action, resonating with every minor emotional climax, putting a real flesh-and-blood person in the scene. This role takes a lot from her. Apart from one brief scene, she is onstage for the entire duration of the play, and she doesn't have a chance to take a breath. I think I've used the term "emotional whiplash" before, but it has never been more appropriate than right here. Jumping between these parallel scenes, Hyde is tossed around like a rag doll, going from comfortable joy to twisted misery, and she never misses her mark."

- Blair Woynarski, Praire Groundling Blog


Review of The Cherry Orchard, Theatre Naught/Live Five

"Though her character is understated, Jenna-Lee Hyde stands out as Luibov's adopted daughter Varya. She provides some restraint and sensibility in a world of over-the-top personalities. Hyde's performance is genuine enough to ground the production and keep it from treading into absurdity." 

- Stephanie McKay, Saskatoon Star Phoenix


Review of Bah, Humbug!, Dancing Sky Theatre

"Two hilarious Cockney mice puppets are handled with aplomb by Herriot and Jenna-Lee Hyde... The sooty, Victorian balanced by Hyde's lovely singing voice."

- Cam Fuller, Saskatoon Star Phoenix


Review of Comedy of Errors, Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan

"Shakespeare lived in an age that oppressed women but he imagined terrific parts for them. It's hard to imagine finding more potential in the wife than Hyde does. The way she adds a knowing comic edge to Adriana while making her terribly dramatic and high strung is inspired."

- Cam Fuller, Saskatoon Star Phoenix


Review of Look Back in Anger, Brick and Mortar Theatre

"Jenna-Lee Hyde makes a big impact as Helena. In addition to her spot-on British accent, her chemistry with Jimmy is wonderfully complicated."

- Stephanie McKay, Saskatoon Star Phoenix